Looking for an Indian restaurant in Sterling? We don’t blame you! Indian food is rich, full of flavor and color, and, in our opinion, it is one of the tastiest foods out there. Now, you can get it at Tamarind Indian Cuisine! Our Indian restaurant serves authentic and modern Indian food you’ll love. Here on our blog, you can find explanations of types of Indian food, tips for cooking your own Indian food at home, how to order Indian food for your dietary preferences, and more! Visit us today for a date, office lunch, happy hour, or dinner with friends.

  1. Tips For First-Time Dining At An Indian Restaurant

    Whether you are feeling adventurous for a unique cuisine or you just want to expand the gamut of your palate, there is no better place to start than an Indian restaurant. This, however, can prove to be a daunting experience given that Indian cuisine is, by nature, incredibly disparate. Trying any ne…Read More