Whether you are feeling adventurous for a unique cuisine or you just want to expand the gamut of your palate, there is no better place to start than an Indian restaurant. This, however, can prove to be a daunting experience given that Indian cuisine is, by nature, incredibly disparate.

Trying any new restaurant is accompanied by its potential for not making the best choices when it comes to the menu, which is why you have the right to be cautious!

With that being said, here at Tamarind Indian Cuisine, we do everything in our power to make sure that your first experience in our Indian restaurant in Sterling is an unforgettable one that leaves you wanting to come back for more.


If you are someone that is looking forward to trying the authentic flavors of Indian food at your local Indian restaurant, take the following tips into consideration!


Six Tips For The Best Indian Dining Experience


Always Order Appetizers

Not only do appetizers help break in your taste buds for a night out of dining at an Indian restaurant, but they also are a great way to sample some iconic Indian flavors prior to making your choice of dinner plate! Not to mention, they are great for sharing.


Skip The Buffet

Many Indian restaurants will offer buffets — some only offer buffets. While this can offer some variety on your plate, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin an dlead to not making the best selections. If you really want to get the best of the best for your first Indian meal, you should consider skipping the dinner buffet and order individual, hand-crafted dishes. That is, unless you’re coming for Tamarind’s unbeatable Indian lunch buffet! Ask your server about which dish will pair best with your taste preferences to ensure you pick an Indian dish that’s exciting and new, yet customized to you!


Share Your Food

The best way to truly enjoy authentic Indian food is while sharing it with your near and dear ones. Gather some friends or family and head to the Indian restaurant together. With more people with varying tastes, you’ll have a wide variety of Indian food on your table, which gives you more options to test and try without resulting to the buffet. The spirit of Indian cuisine is about celebration and sharing. So make sure you cherish and enjoy your food as well as others’ too!


Get To Know The Commonly Used Ingredients

  • Aloo – Potato
  • Bhindi – Ladies’ finger
  • Channa – Chickpeas
  • Gajar – Carrot
  • Gobi – Cauliflower
  • Jeera – Cumin
  • Murgh – Chicken
  • Mutter – Green peas
  • Palak – Spinach
  • Paneer – Indian cheese


Don’t Just Go With The Chicken Dish

There’s no doubt that Indian cuisine offers some of the best and absolutely mouth-watering chicken dishes, and if you really want chicken, there’s no harm! But contrary to popular belief, Indian food is not limited to simply chicken dishes dressed in different flavors. We know that when trying new restaurants, the most simplistic chicken dish becomes the default selection for many who can’t decide on what to try. Between lamb, goat, seafood, and more, there is so much more to discover beyond just Indian chicken!  


Open Your Mind To Biryani

There’s a vast number of options available when it comes to biryani or pulav. Biryani is cooked with the rich basmati rice and can be prepared with endless combinations. To get a taste for as many as possible, have each member of your table order a different Biryani to share!  


Mix And Match

The best thing about Indian food is that different dishes can be mixed and matched with others to get new and equally as appetizing delights. Mix and match the spices, and experiment with the vegetables, meats, rice, and other varieties possible. Do not just stick to the standard curries and lentil dishes. If you are someone who has perhaps only tasted South Indian curry until now, maybe try a North Indian curry next!


Express Your Spice Tolerance

Not knowing your spice tolerance can take a toll on your Indian restaurant dining experience. While many of the best Indian dishes are relatively spicy in nature, it does not necessarily mean that you are supposed to bear the pain and burning sensation in order to enjoy them. Every person has a different spice tolerance, and you should not be ashamed of yours! Specify your desired level of spice when ordering with your server at an Indian restaurant so that they can ensure you don’t choose an Indian dish that’s above and beyond your liking.


If You Want The Spice, Get The Rice

If you truly want to experience the spicy Indian flavors without looking like you are being tortured in the process, then you should always opt for rice with your dish at Indian restaurants. Even if you think you’re a spicy food connoisseur, if you haven’t experienced the heat that Indian food is capable of, you’re in for a treat! Rice balances out the spice in your dish and makes it easier to handle the spice of the dishes and gorge on the flavor delicacies.



We hope that these tips help you to enjoy your time dining out at your local Indian restaurant! If you’re in Northern Virginia and in search of the best Indian restaurant around to try out your taste buds, make a reservation at Tamarind Indian Cuisine today! We offer a variety of authentic Indian dishes along with a lively atmosphere and courteous service to help you enjoy a taste of India right here in Sterling, Virginia.